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The PAF circle

This PAF circle is the foundational exercise in the PAF method. It is the starting point for all implementation of the PAF culture and helps strengthen the community feeling amongst children. The circle creates a space where trust and respect for each other can grow freely.

When you’ve practiced the circle and the framework is clear to everyone, you will find that a space has been created where the participants feel safe being themselves and sharing with others how they feel.

The students will after a while share more of themselves and will be able to describe their feelings to. They will begin to share their wins, their sadness and what needs to happen so they can feel more happy and calm at school. 

The circle is meant for all the students to feel accepted as a part of the class community, thus feeling that it is safe to share experiences and emotions.

You, therefore, have to practice the circle often!

Remember that it’s better to start with a short sharing in the circle because it will create a positive experience in the beginning. If the sessions are to long in the beginning it can lead to students becoming loud and unfocused.

PAF Guide Peter Skov Madsen from the Katrinedalschool in Holbaek has worked with the PAF culture since 2016. He talks about working and spreading the PAF culture to the entire school and the process in doing so. You can read his work in the download below.