Who is Mette?

Who is Mette Nordahl?

I am on a journey that never ends

... And I love it

Mette Nordahl developed the PAF concept in 2012, and it has since been used in many schools in Denmark. The PAF concept is based on the systemic way of thinking. Mette first taught the PAF exercises to children in a “troubled” class at a Danish primary school as an experiment. Although it was only a brief introduction to PAF, the teachers noticed a positive change in the children’s behavior and in the general classroom environment afterwards.

In 2014, PAF was fully implemented for the first time in a special needs class. Mette taught this group of children for 5 weeks from 8 am to 3 pm. The children were 12-15 years old. Mette taught them how to interact better with each other and with other people. She also taught them how to believe in themselves and how to become aware of their own potential. This success led the school to implement the PAF culture into other classes as well. As a result, the children overall were more dedicated to school and happier as individuals.

PAF developed even further in 2015, when two primary schools decided to apply the PAF culture over a 3 year period. Teachers from each school were trained to incorporate the PAF training into the classroom and teach it to their colleagues. Today, these schools have 13 PAF Counselors in total, a number which continues to grow.

PAF makes an enormous difference in the classroom – especially when students do the PAF exercises every day. School becomes a place that children look forward to going to. The students play well together, while problematic and bullying behaviors become a thing of the past.

Due to the consistently positive feedback from employees and parents, the PAF culture has been spreading rapidly. The most common feedback from parents is that they have happier children who are better at expressing themselves with more positive energy than before.

In 2018, Mette was invited to talk about PAF at an international conference in Slovenia held by the International Organizational Constellations Community for Transformation (IOCTI).

Since then, other countries have become interested in PAF. Mette taught the first international PAF training session in October 2019 where 16 participants from around the world participated in a week-long workshop. Participants experienced the PAF exercises in action and spoke to children who have worked with PAF for more than one year. All of the participants were connected to the school system in their own country.

2020 has been a year of preparation. The PAF Counselor Education has been translated into English and is now available online consisting of more than 60 videos.

In 2020 the first online training program became available in Denmark.

In Denmark, there are more than 35 trained PAF Counselors and at least 1,600 employees in the school system who use PAF exercises when teaching.

Mette has been invited abroad to teach a week-long PAF workshop to teachers who need new tools to approach children/students. However, due to the corona situation, this exciting opportunity had to be postponed.

All of the PAF exercises are developed by using systemic constellations and the science of epigenetics.
The systemic method helps the students become aware of their bodies and patterns.

One of the reasons this method is so effective is because we come from a family system.
Thus, everyone experiences similar dynamics that we can all relate to.

Through quantum physics and epigenetics, we also understand the language of the body
and how we all connect to each other on a deeper level – for example the effect of feeling gratitude.